About Us

Company Profile

Kongmo sanitary wares co., ltd was founded in 2005.At the beginning of its establishment,the company’s designer contrive a series of shower panels according to Human system engineering. These new style shower panels take people from simple shower to resort spa experience. After launching to the sanitary ware market, shower panels become the most popular products because of  its novel design, humanized function as well as easy installation. Different area has different requirements and culture.  With the improvement of people’s requirement for life, Kongmo focus on creating diverse shower panels to meet different people’s taste. Kongmo create about dozens of style to the market per year and we insist on developing creation. Since 10yeas, our shower panel material was expanded from acrylic to glass, bamboo, stainless steel. The designing style become mare and more various.

We take “providing batter shower experience” as our own responsibility. “Think for the customer” is the source of constant development.Nowadays, shower panels have been one of the best-sell products all over the world and Kongmo is the one you worth to trust.